Sunday, January 16, 2011


Ugh tired as hell and had no time to time this week but I want to keep my promise to myself.
Thus shitty half formed thought thing.

Heaven is sliding into our small haven underneath the cotton sheets.
The clean scent of your skin
The secret warmth beneath your shirt, your heart beat mirroring mine.
The gentle roughness of your calloused hands as they rasp against my skin.
The way you curve, the way you cradle me.
Your soft deep breaths billowing against the back of my neck.
Stirring confusion and desire.
I don't know.
Is this lust? It can't be love.

Next weeks goal; proper short story!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hoo boy

So I was going to motivate myself with this blog, was I?

Ahh.....oh boy. I'm so naive sometimes.

Alright kids, seriously this time I'mma do it.
And I'm going to start off with some resolutions and talk to myself about why I need to make those resolutions.

1) Spend at least one hour a day in study.
Well, Alouette. I'm going to be honest with me.
You're clever but lazy as fuck. You procrastinate and find excuses not to study even when you promise you'll do it.
This isn't high school any more, this shit isn't free.
You're PAYING for it so you might as well get your damn moneys worth.

2) Post at least one blog to this site once a week.
See above, you lazy bitch. Writing used to be your dream and now it's all gone down the gutter from lack of motivation.
Get your ass into gear and get writing.

3) Follow the exercise regime you created.
You used to be fit, what happened? :(
Healthiness is very important and you should take better care of yourself.
Also, drink more water. That coffees bad for you.

4) Stay in your new relationship.
God, it's been less than a week.
I know you're a commitment phobe but have a heart for the poor guy. (wo)Man up, admit your mistake in jumping too early and stick it out.
Who knows, you did like the guy. It might pan out quite well.
Besides your track record with relationships hasn't exactly been too good, it might be good for you to be forced to act like an adult and deal with a grown up mature relationship.
You might learn how to commit to things and complete tasks you start.

5) place holder.
This one's for anything else I might decide to add。 If nothing; then generic goal of finishing what I start.